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Sun Editorial: For programming and facilities, goal should be: complement and share
October 19, 2017
Complement and share. Sewn together, recent news tells the story of how Lisbon-Mount Vernon complement each other. And they tell the story that perhaps the communities should take a harder look at sharing.

Living in Iowa: Iowa car has 140 horses under the hood - and one in the back seat
by Dan Brawner · October 19, 2017
A few days ago, Hannah Waskel was driving around Altoona with a friend. When they stopped for a red light and looked over at the car next to them, one of the passengers staring back at them seemed a bit peculiar. It took Waskel a moment to realize that the odd passenger was actually a horse.

Sunny Side: Embracing the spooky season
by Nathan Countryman · October 19, 2017
We've entered the month of October, one of the months I particularly enjoy. It's a month filled with minor haunts and scares, of warm apple cider and candied apples, of falling leaves and carved pumpkins.

Musings: Get a taste of Cornell College this weekend
by Jake Krob · October 19, 2017
Eating at the Hilltop on a recent Sunday night, hundreds of young adults buzzed around gathering food, sat chatting with friends, or ate on the run. A natural people watcher, I wondered: "Who are these kids? Have I ever seen them before."

Guest Column: SELCC preparing for holidays
by Nicole McAlexander · October 19, 2017
Have you stocked up on candy for the little goblins? Noticed your aunt's Facebook post about how many shopping days there are before Christmas? Here at Southeast Linn Community Center, we are deep into preparations for all of the upcoming holidays.

Discovering the beauty of Lisbon
by Mike Moran · October 19, 2017
I've been living in Mount Vernon for over 17 years. I've mythologized it, actually. The Iowa Goatsinger premise tells the story of a humble goatsinger who lives in the mythical town of Mount Revere. To get to Mount Revere, you just head out west of town to the tree with the hundreds of shoes pulling on the branches. These are shoes that carried folks great distances, and now these same shoes are themselves carried, in a slow growth of branch and trunk, up toward the sunlight.

Guest Column: Two bonds or not two bonds, those are the questions
by Todd Nelson, Lisbon Facilities committee president · October 12, 2017
My apologies for the Shakespearean reference in the headline, but it seems appropriate given that we are considering an auditorium as one of the projects. I shouldn't joke. A bond vote is serious. It is a 20-year tax issue.

Sun Editorial: Opportunities plentiful right here
October 12, 2017
There's good opportunity for new businesses to open in Mount Vernon-Lisbon. There's great opportunity for all of us to better support what's already here.

Sunny Side: Autumn fast becoming short-sleeve season
by Erica Dawson · October 12, 2017
For the second year in a row, October is shaping up to be another September weather-wise. Maybe it's just me, but this time of year should be the time when we pack up our summer clothes and bring out the bins of winter things.

Living in Iowa: Junior is coming to Iowa to hunt pheasants, hang out with Rep. King
by Dan Brawner · October 12, 2017
I suppose it's an honor, really. Having the president's son come to a little town in Iowa. Even if he is there just to hunt things.

Musings: County service, wrestling and being in the know
by Jake Krob · October 12, 2017
Walking up the steps of the Jean Oxley Linn County Public Services Center, a quick thought came to mind: I must be the biggest idiot in a 30-mile radius.

Guest Column: LMVAS: We care about your health
by L-MV Ambulance Service · October 12, 2017
In 2016, approximately three percent of patients treated by the Lisbon-Mount Vernon Ambulance Service (LMVAS) reported a medical history of cancer.

Sun Editorial: Solar, composting, car charging: Local sustainability measures a positive
October 5, 2017
Solar, composting, electric car charging - Lisbon-Mount Vernon now has a new claim to fame: Sustainability is valued and practiced here.

Living in Iowa: Mom leaves child alone with gun while she vacays in Europe
by Dan Brawner · October 5, 2017
Erin Lee Macke, the 30-year-old divorced Iowa mom who left her young children home alone while she went on an 11-day vacation in Germany, has done a great service for parenthood. She has provided us with a picture of the Monster of Motherhood. Now moms can say, sure, I may have given my kids pizza for breakfast three days in a row, but it's not like I'm Erin Lee Macke. When the story of the jet-setting, hard-partying Macke went viral, the level of self-righteous hatred directed at her from all over the world was overwhelming. Don't be surprised to find Erin Lee Macke Halloween masks this year.

Sunny Side: Dig into your community by joining a committee
by Margaret Stevens · October 5, 2017
I like committee meetings. There, I said it. I attended a couple meetings this past week at Mount Vernon City Hall and walked away enthused and impressed by the commitment I saw.
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