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Sun Editorial: Superintendent search, bypass planning: lots of 'hits' on 2017 wishes
December 14, 2017
Twelve months ago we made our wishes for 2017, which is coming to a close soon. We commented that we were bullish on Mount Vernon-Lisbon, and we remain so.

Living in Iowa: Spare the cattle prod and spoil the child: discipline goes way too far
by Dan Brawner · December 14, 2017
"This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you." That is the line many of us would hear as children right before we got the daylights spanked out of us. Although I was admittedly somewhat distracted at the time, it always seemed to me that the procedure actually hurt me more. (It never seemed to make my dad cry and rub his heinie.)

Guest Column: SELCC grateful for Barb's service
by Nicole McAlexander, SELCC director · December 14, 2017
After nearly 17 years of service, Barb Bardsley has retired from her position at Southeast Linn Community Center (SELCC). Though we are sorry to see her go, we know she has certainly earned a relaxing retirement.

Fireworks ban 'premature'
by Ed Shultz · December 14, 2017
Ka Bang! The recent ban imposed on fireworks in Mount Vernon by city council members Dec. 4 seems somewhat premature.

Musings: Wishes from 25 years ago: a poem and Santa letters
by Jake Krob · December 14, 2017
Oh, the discoveries in the archives. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are fleeting. Here, then gone.

Sun Editorial: Investments in Hwy. 30 roundabouts improvement the right move for city
December 7, 2017
A fresh set of eyes. Leadership in spite of past controversy. Mount Vernon city administrator Chris Nosbisch embodies both of those attributes, and should be applauded for his message: How can we make the Hwy. 30 roundabouts even better?

Living in Iowa: Why the poor are poor: it's all the booze, women and movies
by Dan Brawner · December 7, 2017
After the Senate recently approved their version of the controversial tax reform bill, Sen. Chuck Grassley tried to explain to the Des Moines Register why the very rich deserve to pass on their wealth to their heirs untaxed.

Sunny Side: Cold, crowd can't stop seeing McElroy brothers
by Nathan Countryman · December 7, 2017
I'm recovering from an introvert's worst nightmare: a sold-out show.

Musings: Adoption story shows immigration complexities
by Jake Krob · December 7, 2017
We had the easiest immigration process the United States has - adopting foreign-born children and bringing them to this great country.

Sun Editorial: Shop locally this holiday: Keep this place cool; support those who support you
November 30, 2017
You think this place is cool, right? Show it with your spending. Shop locally this holiday season.

Guest Column: Join conversation about credits, graduation requirements
by Steve Brand, MVHS Principal · November 30, 2017
The Mount Vernon Community School administration would like to invite all parents and students to an open forum Monday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. in the Mount Vernon High School Commons regarding possible changes to class rank and graduation requirements.

Living in Iowa: The Earth is flat, the moon landings fake and Congress will lower your taxes
by Dan Brawner · November 30, 2017
Until 1900, the totality of human knowledge doubled every 100 years. Now, it doubles every 12 months. In fact, we have so many facts, statistics and such sheer volume of information literally at our fingertips that trying to process and evaluate it all can make us feel like we don't know anything.

Cole Corner: Parking eased at Cole during events
by Cathy Boggs · November 30, 2017
Now that the dust has settled on the parking lot and everyone has settled into a routine, I am happy to report that the growing pains have been minimal - as a joint city/college library for more than a 100 years, we are all masters at compromise.

Musings: A year of big change coming to a close
by Jake Krob · November 30, 2017
I know, I know - it's NOT the end of the year yet. There's still one month left. That's 1/12th. That's just over 8 percent.

Sun Editorial: Giving thanks for schools, elected officials, businesses, Cornell and you
November 21, 2017
We're gathering around the table this week with family and friends, toasting each other and being grateful. "What are you thankful for?" the matriarch might ask, suggesting each person shares one thing.
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