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Sun Editorial: Be thankful for Lisbon's process; engage with school facility decisions
June 22, 2017
Lisbon has the right process as it considers school facility upgrades. You should get involved.

Sunny Side: With ice cream, we're on 'good terms with the world'
by Margaret Stevens · June 22, 2017
The heat of the past few weeks reminded me of a story I found searching the archives. It was published in The Mount Vernon News on June 8, 1860:

Living in Iowa: Pulse-pounding rides at the state fair will take our minds off daily worries
by Dan Brawner · June 22, 2017
The new slogan for the Iowa State Fair (Aug. 10-20) is "Nothing compares to State Fair Thrills," and the ride areas are now being called "thrill parks."

Musings: An arts and theater family is born, thanks to MVL
by Jake Krob · June 22, 2017
After a dozen years of living here, we're convinced: If not for Mount Vernon-Lisbon, it's doubtful our family would be so focused on theater and music.

Column isn't about 'living in Iowa'
by Edward L. Shultz · June 22, 2017
Now don't get me wrong, I like to read this newspaper every week. I enjoy the well written news stories, features and sports, even though Jake's political stance is a little too left of center for me.

Sun Editorial: For the sake of the Earth, follow the lead of your local city governments
June 15, 2017
Be thankful for the cities of Lisbon and Mount Vernon. And follow their leads when it comes to protecting our environment.

Living in Iowa: When fast food isn't fast, there may be consequences
by Dan Brawner · June 15, 2017
We're all accustomed to the convenience of fast food. We are willing to stand in line at McDonald's or KFC for a couple of minutes while a smiling employee in a goofy uniform, earning minimum wage, stuffs our order into a paper bag and hands us our change. But what happens when fast food is not fast enough?

Sunny Side: A fun, neighborly softball rivalry, and finding 10 seconds of peace
by Crystal Eskelsen · June 15, 2017
I rode my bike to the Lisbon vs. Mount Vernon softball game last week. I love that our towns come together for this game, and for a similar contest on the baseball diamond.

Musings: Hwy. 30 bypass opinions ho-hum compared to past
by Jake Krob · June 15, 2017
With dirt moving (and flying) south of Lisbon-Mount Vernon, the No. 1 question from visitors has been: "What do people think about the bypass?"

Help save a life: foster a pet
by Shannon Studt · June 15, 2017
According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized every year. This is a horrifying number that needs to go way down.

Sun Editorial: Cities: Explore parks and rec sharing
June 7, 2017
The cities of Lisbon and Mount Vernon should explore a shared parks and recreation department.

Living in Iowa: President proves he's unquestionably presidential
by Dan Brawner · June 7, 2017
Some say Donald Trump became truly presidential when he ordered missile strikes on Syria. Others have said he became presidential when he honored fallen Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens. Chris Wallace of Fox News declared Trump was elevated to presidential status the day he addressed the joint session of Congress.

Sunny Side: Appreciating MVL after visit to the Twin Cities
by Jim Bonewald · June 7, 2017
Last week, I was able to spend some time in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I always enjoy a trip up to the Twin Cities, which have so much to offer. I marvel especially at the cultural diversity, combined with the variety of dining options available.

Musings: Bystander proves parental perceptions were wrong
by Jake Krob · June 7, 2017
Dressed in his uniform, ready to serve Mount Vernon's American Legion Hahn Howard Post on Memorial Day, the longtime local resident tapped me on the shoulder.

Sun Editorial: Thank the volunteers: They make summer extra special
June 1, 2017
School's out. Lights illuminate the ball diamonds. Towels in tow, kids are marching off to the pool. Most exciting: We're treated to "staycations" through celebrations and events in Mount Vernon-Lisbon.
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