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From the archives: Dec. 11, 1941, Hawkeye Record & Herald Anxiously await word of people in war zone
December 07, 2017

Editor's note: The publication date for this issue of the Sun is Dec. 7, which made us curious about how the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was reflected in the Mount Vernon Hawkeye-Record and Lisbon Herald.

The first issue following the attack of Dec. 7, 1941, was Thursday, Dec. 11.

One front page story, "Anxiously Await Word of People in War Zone," included a list of local people, former residents and relatives of local people who were in Hawaii, the Philippines, in the army in that vicinity or in the U.S. Navy. The next few issues included similar stories.

That list included former resident of Mount Vernon Verne Hinkley, Cornell College Class of 1915, who was a city editor on a Honolulu paper.

Further searches indicate Hinkley worked at the local paper and then for Cedar Rapids' papers as an editor and "sporting page" editor.

He was in the armed forces in 1917 and sent back dispatches from training camps on the west coast that were published in the precursor to the Sun.

Another front page story in 1941 was of a pinochle tournament, reprinted below.




It was common talk around the auditor's office at the Linn County Court House on Monday that Adolph Biderman, genial operator of the Upper Palisades, wouldn't stick his head in the auditor's office and make any comment about the great game of pinochle for a while at least.

With a baked coon as an attraction, Adolph challenged county auditor Bob Vosoly to bring some of the city boys to the Palisades and play pinochle. Saturday night, Adolph, Clair Milholin and Russell Boggs, with complete confidence in their ability, took on Bob Vesely, Joe Trejtnar and Frank Sjec of Cedar Rapids. Sad to relate the usually strong Upper Palisades team seemed to be a little off form. Maybe they had over trained.

When they quit to work on the baked coon about 11:30 p.m., the city slickers were ahead 4 to 2. The Upper Pal boys, still confident, urged another game. The city boys finally gave in and played another game. And then the Palisadites wished they hadn't started in again, for that put the city boys winnings at 6 to 2.

At another table a group of farmers, which included Jerry Walters of Mount Vernon, Anton Biderman and Jay Milholin, took the city boys, Chas. Kosek, Leo Just and Lewis Miskovsky, 3 to 2. This made it look all the worse for the other farmer team. In fact, the question of whether Adolph was eligible to play with a farmer's team was raised. But he claimed he had ten hills of corn which qualified him.

This pinochle feud, which has no end, will probably be resumed at a later date when convenient to all parties.

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