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Get involved in Lisbon School’s facility process
November 09, 2017 · Eric Hasselbusch,

Get involved in Lisbon

School's facility process

Having graduated from Clarence-Lowden in 1985, and living in Lisbon for close to 20 years, it has been an enjoyable and interesting experience working as part of the Lisbon School facility committee.

As you know, Clarence-Lowden no longer exists. The school couldn't compete on its own and was swallowed up by consolidation, like many other small schools in Iowa over the last 25 years. Fortunately, for our family and others who live in the Lisbon School District, our school has been fiscally responsible and our community has consistently supported a well-rounded education that has prepared our children and young adults for the workforce, military service and college.

As the Lisbon School Board and community consider necessary facility upgrades to keep our school competitive and prepare our school facilities for the next 20-plus years, I would encourage you to get involved by attending our weekly facility planning committee meetings or by attending the next community meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, in the Old Gym.

The community meeting is an opportunity for you to have your voice heard, listen to the architectural firm Emergent share potential school projects, better understand the financial implications, and most importantly, take a walk down memory lane by touring school facilities.

HAVING YOUR VOICE HEARD. As the Facility Committee has wrestled with current and future facility needs and requirements, having people on the committee with different viewpoints, opinions and perspectives has resulted in better, more thorough discussions and potential project recommendations.

POTENTIAL PROJECTS. Would you like to know what projects the facility committee has been discussing? Emergent Architecture will be sharing concepts for three significant potential projects - school security and classroom upgrades, an auditorium and track.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS. School bond issues and financials can be confusing. Here's a layman's view of the bond issue financials. There will likely be two questions on the bond vote. A "yes" vote for question one on the bond issue would not raise taxes and allow the school to raise approximately $5.9 million for capital projects. A vote "yes" for the second question would allow an increase in taxes and would raise an additional $3.1 million for a total of $9.0 million for capital expenditures.

So, what does this really mean? A "yes" vote would increase taxes as follows:

Residential home: A $200,000 home by approximately $10-12 per month.

Farm: A $200,000 farm by approximately $10 per month.

Local commercial property: A $200,000 commercial property by approximately $20 per month.

TAKE A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE. Did you ever wonder what it was like for your parents or grandparents to attend school at Lisbon? If you have, you are in luck, as tours of the science rooms built in 1964 and the "old gym" stage built in the 1938 (when high school enrollment was 67) will both be available for tours. Spoiler alert­ - don't be surprised if the room or stage your grandparents learned and performed on is exactly or very similar to what it was like when they were in school. And don't forget, as you walk to the school or down the hallways, watch out for runners - our state championship track team might just be training for 2018.

I'm thankful my wife and I moved to Lisbon almost 20 years ago. The school I graduated from is no longer, but hopefully, with foresight, sound financial planning and our community and school working together, we can continue to have a school that competes with the best and prepares our students for the future.

I hope to see you on the 14th.

Eric Hasselbusch, Facility Planning Committee Member

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