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From the archives: Oct. 26, 1972 Fall homecoming debuts on new field
October 05, 2017

Editor's note: Lisbon homecoming festivities were traditionally held during the winter months, coinciding with the basketball season. In 1962, Lisbon held a homecoming basketball game for the first time in 10 years, a tradition that continued for the next 10 years every December.

In 1972, however, the tradition changed to homecoming celebrations with the fall football game, with the dedication of Walmer Field. Reprinted on Oct. 26, 1972, is a recounting of the Lisbon homecoming football game, and the dedication of Walmer Field in Lisbon.

Rainy weather for

dedication of field

Dedication ceremonies for the Walmer football field at Lisbon High School took place on Friday evening preceding the Lisbon-Hedrick football game. There was a large crowd for the Lisbon homecoming game in spite of the rainy evening, and Lisbon defeated Hedrick 31-6.

Supt. Delbert Buttery welcomed the crowd and the Rev. Dale Batcheler, pastor of the United Methodist Church, offered the invocation.

Jack Pringle, secretary of the non-profit corporation which has administered the gift of Delmar Walmer of Costa Mesa, Calif., presented a history of the development of the field.

Mrs. J.F. McClelland, president of the Lisbon Community School Scholarship and Educational Fund, presented the deed of the property to the president of the Lisbon School Board, William Mohn.

Mr. Mohn expressed his gratitude of the school district for the gift in his acceptance remarks.

Mike Englert, president of the student council, on behalf of the students, thanked Mr. Walmer not only for the splendid football field, but also for the baseball lights and the scholarships, which have been awarded to Lisbon graduates.

The dedication program closed with the presentation of the colors by Legionnaires from Cyclops Post, and the national anthem by Bob Bennett.

Mr. Pringle recounted the history of the idea, which began two years ago. After the death of his brother Bernal, Delmar Walmer wrote to relatives in Lisbon and said he wanted to do something with his life's savings that would benefit the Lisbon schools.

"What you see tonight is the completion of a project which would not have been possible without Mr. Walmer's generosity," Mr. Pringle said.

"To avoid controversy and remove pressure from the Lisbon School Board, it was decided that a non-profit corporation should be formed to administer the stocks and monies for the purpose for which Mr. Walmer intended them to be used. Thus was formed the Lisbon Community School Scholarship and Educational Fund, Inc.

"The committee considered eight or nine pieces of property for a site that could be used for a complete athletic complex, but ran into problem after problem in acquiring the right piece of land for a fair price.

"The property you are on tonight was purchased from the George Oldfields during the winter of 1971. As you may note, this is not a complete athletic complex, it is a football field only.

"Hours of planning and quantities of money, time and patience were necessary to bring about the realization of this evening," Mr. Pringle said.

Members of the Walmer committee were introduced.

"The one member who unselfishly gave a great deal of his time and energy and really carried the ball on this project is the treasurer, Bud Sizer. Other members who deserve a lot of credit are Delbert Buttery, vice president, Virgil Peters, secretary, and Arlo Whitman and Harlan Jones.

"If it had not been for the foresight of Mrs. McClelland the president and her husband for the young people of the Lisbon community, this project and others of the Walmer Committee might never have been possible, " Mr. Pringle said, introducing Mr. and Mrs McClelland.

Program is cut

The halftime entertainment of the Friday game, which would have featured five floats and introduction of the five homecoming queen candidates, was cancelled because of the intermittent rain. Sherri Mohn was chosen queen.

Lisbon scored in each quarter to easily defeat Hedrick 31-6.

Kelly Shelton scored on a 90-yard punt return and Doug Lord, Jim Bennett and Mike Hall counted touchdowns. Shelton gained 132 yards on 11 plays.

The Lions covered 318 yards from rushing. Their season record is 3-3.

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